• Status Available
  • Baths 2
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Property Size 23142 Ha

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$12,000,000.00 tax incl.

Rockwood Station is situated approximately 112km south of Hughenden, and 107km north of Muttaburra, via the Muttaburra-Hughenden Highway which dissects through the property.

AREA & TENURE:  2 Freehold Blocks Approx 57185 Acres (23142 Ha)

Lot 11, SP 297237, Parish Eversleigh & Stenhouse, Flinders Shire = 15960 Ha, 39438 Acres.

Lot 2, SP 129113, Parish Eversleigh & Stenhouse, Flinders Shire = 7182 Ha, 17747 Acres. (Known as Breakfast Creek)


SERVICES: Rural Power, Telephone, and a twice weekly mail service.


All standard services are available in the local township of Hughenden including a Doctors Surgery, Hospital, Supermarket, Banking & Retail Shops, and Sporting Facilities.

Availability for stock marketing/sales include Saleyards at Blackall and Charters Towers, Live Export via Townsville, and direct access to Major Abattoirs including JBS Swift (Townsville & Rockhampton) and Teys Bros (Rockhampton).


COUNTRY:  Rockwood is a very high quality block of Country. It is predominately Open Downs Country, with self-cracking clay soils, mixed with Gidgee Pebble ridges throughout. Landsborough Channels run through the western side. Jerkins Creek runs through the northern end.  Kybona Creek runs through the middle.  Breakfast Creek through the Southern End.


Rockwood has received approximately 10 Inches Rain for 2020, and the country has responded well with grass and herbage growth.  The majority of pastures are of Mitchell Grass & Queensland Blue Grasses, Button Grass, Buffel Grasses (along creeks & ridges) and seasonal herbages including Flinders Grass.  Trees are Whitewood, Bauhinia, Coolibah, Vinewood, Sandalwood & Gundabluey.  No Prickly Acacia.


This is probably the best block of country south of Hughenden. It was previously a Bullock fattening property for Tancreds Meat Company many years ago, and prior to that it was part of the renowned Scottish Australian Property Portfolio.


Rockwood has been renowned for producing heavy cattle.  Though it has been through 8 dry years, widespread rain in January & February 2020 has given it a great start for this year.


FENCES: Well fenced, and in good condition.  There is approximately 20km of boundary exclusion fencing.  Good quality work has been done on corners and end assemblies, which prolongs the life of the infrastructure.


WATER:The property is well watered and all water infrastructure (including tanks and troughs) are in very good condition.


2 GAB Bores and there will be 1 neighbouring GAB Bore with water agreement for water access.  The House Bore flows, and the Mountain Bore is equipped with an Electric Pump.  All bores are interconnected by Polypipe.    8 Dams (1 x 10,000 yards, 7 dams ranging from 20,000-50,000 yards).  All dams have been cleaned out over the last 8 years and are currently full of water.

Approximately 100km of Poly Pipe (90mm, 75mm & 63mm), and maximum distance between watering points is 2.5km.


- Homestead: The original Sandstone Homestead was built in 1882, with the construction of the new Homestead attached in 2006. Large open 4mtr Verandahs wrap around the building, and overlooks the extensive Lawn area.  Cold Room.

- Butcher Shop

- Workers Cottage

- Generator/Power Shed

- Work Shop & Large Machinery Shed & Storage Shed

- 4 Stables with Day Yards

- Dog Pens

- Main Modern Steel Cattle Yards at House with a working capacity of approx. 2000 Hd, with Crush and Hydraulic Weaner Cradle.  Second set of Steel Cattle yards at the southern end of property at Breakfast Creek, (shared agreement with Neighbour).

All improvements have been completed with the future in mind.  


PLANT: A list of Plant & Equipment will be provided in future, (will include CAT 12E Grader, 4WD 90hp Tractor, Toyota Land Cruiser, and other main essential items for management).


Rockwood Station is a statistically low cost, efficient property.

Immediate access for Purchasers Stock can be negotiable.


For further information contact Richard Simpson 0427 580 252, or John Wharton 0427 777 660.  Or your preferred agent (outside Agent Rebate Applicable).

  • Status Available
  • Baths 2
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Property Size 23142 Ha